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Healthier Living Practices Essay -- Health, Public Spaces, Walking Env

Research has made it clear that healthier living practices destiny to be implemented in our daily lives. Health concerns have raised awareness and motivation throughout the world in recent years. An interest in more physically interactive public areas and spaces has been a proposed idea to the matter. The Chicagos World Fair became a catalyst of sorts to organized, active and functional fieldscaping. sustenance is provided from both state and federal agencies moreover has recently been an area of less concern. Ignoring potential health benefits from public areas by not constructing them is perhaps worth the plain available budget to some but recent studies show that the populous needs the areas to live healthier lives. Nevertheless, the success of these outdoor areas has left many speculative why their local community or city does not have such a place. More specifically explained by Joachim P Sturmberg, Carmel M. Martin and Di OHallorans Journal, Music in the Park, parks offer universal access and equity to be shared by all who want to go there (409). habitual spaces like parks and plazas offer many features that make them positive investments. Lavish open green lawns are a key factor and are the roughly notable characteristic of a park today. The possibility of being physically active is greater among those living in areas with a larger proportion of land dedicated to public parks (1420). The quote from Eduardo J. Simoes article concerning physical activity in public parks suggest that simply having more available amateurish areas will influence the public to be active. Setting aside land for public space is done at both state and federal levels but at times get wasted and not used to its upmost potential. An organization out of Fl... ...ivity promotion and parks and merriment, the role of public parks and recreation setting has been acknowledged only recently by public health professions. An area that has been revolutionized within the last century and only has room to grow, innovate and budge the lives of all. Despite the increasing recognition of the growing role of parks and recreation, a number of questions remain unanswered about how park and recreation programs are exchange to physical activity promotion within communities. (1) Regardless the fact that these public places are positively influencing our communities, children lives, and inevitably paving the way for a healthier tomorrow should be reason enough to support the construction and use of more public spaces. Healthier, happier people are the outcome of these areas, lets embrace these spaces and make an effort to nourishment them clean.

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Seduction and Lust in Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market Essay

Seduction and Lust in Christina Rossettis Goblin Market A seemingly innocent poem about two sisters encounters with hob men, Christina Rossettis Goblin Market is a tale of seduction and lust. Behind the lattice of the classic mortal entrapment and escapement from fairyland, Goblin Market explores Lauras impulse for heterosexual knowledge, the brownie mens desire for mortal flesh, and Laura and Lizzies desire for homosexual eroticism. Goblin men fascinate the sisters Laura and Lizzie, innocent virgins who were taught not to peep at bugbear men (Rossetti, l. 49). Predominantly iambic tetrametric, Goblin Market follows a convoluted rhyming scheme and includes many enjambments, repetitions, and dialogues. This experimental form readily lends itself to natural storytelling and mirrors the experiment of Laura and Lizzie. Laura, more curious than her sister, chooses to linger/Wondering at each merchant man (ll. 69-70). This curiosity and longing is expressed thr ough Rossettis use of language and rhyme in describing the girls clasping arms and cautioning lips,/With tingling cheeks and finger tips (ll. 38-39 italics mine). Laura is tempted to taste the luscious grapes the goblins peddle, though she acknowledges that the fruits hungry thirsty roots grow on alien soils (l. 45). Lauras repetition of Look, Lizzie, look, Lizzie betrays her restless longings. The consecutive commencements with the word one and the assonance on the vowel O in the lines describing the goblins set the tone of urgency One hauls a basket,/One bears a plate,/One lugs a golden dish/Of many pounds weight (ll. 54-59). This technique, like a refrain, punctuates the entire poem and Laura, wi... ...nd dew-wet grass (ll. 532-533). As with the girls experiences with the goblin men, this homoerotic experience is like a dream (l. 537). Laura and Lizzie, by sharing of themselves, discover that there is no friend like a sister (l. 562). Their love, save and life giving, su rpasses the seductive yet bitter fruits of the goblin men.Christina Rossettis Goblin Market, though punctuated with an air of innocence, is imbued with provocative imageries and rhymes. It encapsulates Lauras desperate yearnings for the goblins fruits, the goblins lascivious desire to entrap chaste mortals, and Laura and Lizzies feverish love that is neither vulgar nor ephemeral. Works Cited Rossetti, Christina. Goblin Market. Illustrated by Laurence Housman. 1893. New York Dover, 1983. Work ConsultedBellas, Ralph A. Christina Rossetti. Boston Twayne, 1977.

The Transformation of a King Essay -- Literary Analysis

Debatable is the story of Prince Hal and how he undergoes a transformation so infinite we may collect difficulty comprehending the struggles he endured. Throughout the course of events in atomic number 1 IV, Part I, By William Shakespeare, first impressions of the characters are depicted and remain strong during most of the play. From the branch of the play it is understood that Hal is an immature extrovert who sees no need for careful behaviors. Unlike his father, pouf Henry IV, Hal puts forth insufficient effort to prove he can hold the power that will eventually be his when he succeeds his father in the throne. Throughout the play there is controversy between the King and Hal as a direct result of Hals performance as a Prince. From gallivanting in the tavern, to fighting in the battle of Shrewsbury, Hal becomes the son that King Henry has been pressuring him to be all along. The father/son relationship is a significant theme in this play, alongside Prince Hals other relationsh ips with important male figures such(prenominal) as Hotspur and Falstaff. Falstaff is one of the favorites of this play, rather obvious that he is the brunt of a multitude of jokes somehow maintains certain poise. On the other hand, we have Hotspur, a talented and undismayed young man the King wishes were his son That some night-tripping fairy had exchanged/ In cradle-clothes our children where they lay/ And called tap Percy, his Plantagenet/ Then would I have his Harry, and he mine (1.1.86-89). Both Hotspur and Hal are the intended future leaders of their country, but Hal doesnt seem to understand his role in its entirety (at least his actions havent proven his maturity to the likes of King Henry IV). The King would prefer Hal act in a more appropriate manner when... ... moves forward and leaves the hopeless bodies to their faux decomposition, he feels confident in himself for his accomplishments. Knowing that his father will speak about his honor and courage with respect and i mmense gratitude, he couldnt be more pleased with the outcome of his fighting.Works CitedKastan, David Scott. Introduction. King Henry IV, Part I. London Arden, 2002. 44-51. Print.Kastan, David Scott. The King Hath Many Marching in His Coat. 1 Henry IV. By William Shakespeare. Ed. Gordon McMullan. 3rd ed. New York Norton, 2003. 330-346. Print.Reno, Raymond H. Hotspur The Integration of Character and Theme. Henry the Fourth, Part I, by William Shakespeare. Ed. James L. Sanderson. 2nd ed. New York Norton, 1969. 235-244. Print.Shakespeare, William. 1 Henry IV. Ed. Gordon McMullan. 3rd ed. New York Norton, 2003. Print.

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The Character Alfieri in Arthur Millers Play, A View From the Bridge E

Arthur Miller, in his play A skyline from the Bridge, gives a different perspective of the story by focusing on the character Alfieri who makes the sense of hearing visualize the real side of the play. Alfieri is a well educated lawyer who accompanys and respects the Ameri digest law, but is still loyal to Italian ethnicity. In A View from the Bridge Alfieri is equivalent to the chorus in a Greek tragedy, meaning he introduces the play and narrates the story in flashback. He explains the events on the stage to the audience without actually participating. He opens the play with a very revealing account of how life used to be and how life is presently in America in the Italian community. He goes into graphic detail about the past murders and Frankie Yale himself was cut precisely in half by a machine gun on the corner of Union Street, two blocks away (Act I pg 4). This creates a vivid mental picture and therefore creates the ideal environment for tragedy. In order to modulate th is point Alfieri states that lawyers in ancient times as well present times, were unable to prevent complaint running a bloody course, this causes us to issue the power and influence of law. In other words, justice is very essential but by law justice is not always delivered. Alfieri potently believes that it is best to settle for half this means that it is better to rely on written law and accept it even if you are half satisfied. It is better to follow the law rather taking it in your own hands. In the play we can see that Eddie Carbone betrays Marco and Rodolpho by calling the Immigration Bureau, this is ironic as Eddie is obeying the American law but not the Italian law of honor. Now there is no law to punish Eddie and as a consequence Marco takes th... ...ieri as a character and a narrator was successful in giving a twist of suspense in this play. The message conveyed through Alfieri is that we should judge with our heads, contrary Eddie whose actions are performed sentiment ally. If we use our mind then the troubles that are attached to us will repel and if we give feelings to our action then more problems will be attracted to your life. Our behavior and actions cannot always depend on our feelings, although sometimes we need to take our sentiments into consideration and see how it will affect other people and the environment. If we use our mind, we can achieve the goal, but we need to take feelings along it. In every way we should always concretize our dreams and needs with feelings, but not very emotionally. whoremonger Harricharan truly said Peace is not achieved by controlling nations, but mastering our thoughts.

Cynthia Ozick :: essays papers

Cynthia Ozick Cynthia Ozick was an American short story draw upr, novelist, essayist, poet, and translator. She considers herself an American Jewish writer. Cynthia Ozick was a writer of allegory and non-fiction, but did not bloom her career until she was 32 days old. Her literary hero was Henry James. After Cynthia Ozick finished graduate school, she would realize for hours. She tried to read all the books that she never read before. She tried to learn everything she could from the books that she read. Reading books are what influenced her to become a writer, so she began to read about the history of Jews, which inspired her to write about it. Cynthia Ozick wrote many short stories, novels, and essays about being in assiduousness camps. One of her famous short stories that had a setting in a concentration camp was The Shawl.Cynthia Ozick was not an actual witness to the final solution, but she did read many books about it. She began reading things that ran from Biblic al times and went through the 19th century. When she first precious to write about the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel asked her not too. Elie Wiesel was another author that wrote books about the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel experienced being in the Holocaust, and therefore was an actual survivor. Elie Wiesel asked Cynthia Ozick to wait a few years until there was no more witnesses to find fault with her representation of the Shoah. The Shoah is also known as Holocaust Day. This is the remembrance of all the Jews that were murdered during the Holocaust. The reason for that was because Cynthia Ozick falsified the pillow slip and mocked a sacred text. At all cost, the Shoal had to be secured. Cynthia Ozick was upset and hurt, not because she was reprimanded for making a minor historical error, but because she was treated as a stranger. Cynthia Ozick was an American Jew, not just an American. She was treated as if she was just an American. She was also treated as if she was an American writer tha t had no clue what the Holocaust was really about. Cynthia Ozick did know about the Holocaust, she learned about the Holocaust just by reading about it. Cynthia Ozick wrote a letter to Elie Wiesel stating that just because she was not a witness of the Holocaust and part American, she should not be excluded from being part Jewish.

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Essay --

Genocides of the World ArmeniaArmed roundups began on the evening of April 24, 1915, as 300 Armenian political leaders, educators, writers, clergy and dignitaries in Constantinople (present day Istanbul) were taken from their homes, briefly jailed and tortured, then hanged or shot (United Human Rights Council). That was the ending of some of the thousands upon thousands of lives lost during the Armenian genocide. most say this genocide never was an actual genocide, but when that many people die I dont know how it cant be considered one. Some of the deaths where slow and dragged on until the victims body could no longer take it, while others where quick and easy. This is the Armenian Genocide.We decide our future, and we must not let anger get the best of us. The Ottoman Empire was angered by the Armenians, and now is responsible for the horrible attacks and murders towards the Armenian people. Now, all they can do is pretend it didnt happen. At its peak, The Ottoman Empire consisted of most of Southeast Europe, North Africa, and almost all of the Middle East (United Human Ri...

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Metaphysics Essay

Plato vs. Freud on MetaphysicsPlato and Freud slang make commodious strides in their single fields of study. Both work force have made a lasting impact on the way we today as tenders view the world that we live in. Plato and Freud have similarities in views that they piece of land but they also have rough differences metaphysically. Plato believes that what is ultimately real are ideas, he believes that im elds are imperfect representations of the perfect concepts. While Freud believes what is physically real is by the evolution of man. Freud ultimately puts his faith in what he can see and analyze in front of him instead of what he can non. Freud developed a lecture cure which he would let the hysterical patient talk freely about the earliest occurrences which would then entirely eliminate the patients symptoms.developed the idea that many neuroses (phobias, hysterical paralysis and pains, some songs of paranoia, and so forth) had their origins in deeply traumatic experie nces, which had occurred in the patients past but which were now forgottenhidden from consciousness. The treatment was to enable the patient to recall the experience to consciousness, to confront it in a deep way both intellectually and emotionally, and in thus discharging it, to remove the underlying psychological causes of the neurotic symptoms. Plato answers the question of metaphysics by saying of ideas and ideal forms and Freud answers the metaphysical question through his legal opinion in human nature.For Plato what is ultimately real are ideas and Ideal forms. Plato believes that the object was constantly changing so the ideal form is what was ultimately real. Everything in existence has a form of perfection for itself. All things in the physical world work in their existence to approach their perfection. An object, living or dead, always works in some way or an some other to meet its nature. For example, if you have a brand new table in your house the brand new table itself is not perfect. It is not perfect because the table itself is in a constant state of change. There is however a perfect ideal form of the table that does not change. It is most of all from Plato that we get the theory of Forms, according to which the world we know through the senses is only an imitation of the pure, eternal, and unchanging world of the Forms.While on the other hand Freud believes ultimately what is real is physical matter the whole universe is in evolution, which means he believes in no God or Gods. He concludes that all religious beliefs are illusions that have little proof. Freud also believed that the evolution that man had endured from the beginning to where he stood presently is what is ultimately real. The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, whose practice began in 1885, believed that each persons subconscious mind was fraught with desires stemming from earlier phases of evolution. These desires, suppressed by modern society, accounted for much of neurotic behavior. Likewise, an individuals constitution was at least partially determined by heredity. Freud believes that evolution plays a very pressing role in the lives of humans and that is what is real in the world. Further, what is ultimately real about humans is that man is the highest and most complex of all living creatures whose personality is composed of three interacting partsthe Id, the Ego and the Super- ego.The Id (or it) part of the individual is the primitive instinctive component of personality. It consists of all of the inherited biological components of personality including the sex life. The Id is impulsive and unconscious and responds immediately to the instincts of human beings. The personality of a immature child is all id and later it starts to develop ego and superego. The ego develops in order to mediate between the unrealistic id and the external real world. It is the decision-making component of personality. The ego only satisfies the id on the realistic terms someti mes compromises to avoid negative consequences of society. The superego incorporates the values and morals of society, which are learned from ones parents and others. It develops around the age of 3 5 during the phallic stage of psychosexual development. Through all of these different stages in personally there are some check and symmetry stages that go along with stages. For example if the id wants something that is wrong and the ego lets the person have such thing, guilt can come into play. The superego consists of two systems The moral sense and the ideal self. The conscience can punish the ego through causing feelings of guilt. For example, if the ego overturns in to id demands, the superego may make the person feel bad though guilt.Freud and Plato have made great strides in influencing the world after(prenominal) their work in their respective fields was completed. Freud has influenced many great psychologists after him and Plato has code the same in his respective field o f philosophy. Freud influenced the minds such as Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, Karen Horney, Alfred Alder, Erik Erikson, and Carl Jung. Freuds influences in his field were great toward the constant search for a deeper analysis of how the mind works. His work supported the belief that not all mental illnesses have physiological causes and he also offered evidence that cultural differences have an impact on psychology and behavior. His work and literary productions contributed to our understanding of personality, clinical psychology, human development and abnormal psychology. Plato as well left a lasting impression on philosophers after him. He gave great insight to know the world around him works and functions. Platos ideas were used to proficientify some religions and certain academic subjects. Plato gave a lot to the teachers and scholars after him. In his lifetime he was the most celebrated teacher of his day. After his death his ideas were taken up by countless other thinkers. Phi lo of Alexandria used Platos ideas to give a philosophical framework to Judaism. Early Christian writers eagerly embraced Platos thought as the best available instrument for explaining and defending the teachings of the Bible and church building tradition. Of the Christian Platonists, St. Augustine of Hippo was the best known and most influential. Platos influence spread into Islam as well, through the writings of the philosophers Avicenna and Averroes. Freud and Plato are not just polar opposites they have things in common as well. They both thought that trouble in the human soul/mind arises when the three parts dont work in harmony with each other. Plato thought that the key to such harmonious relationship was to yield control to the quick-scented soul after all, he was the founder of the rationalist program in philosophy. Freud, on the other hand, concentrated on dealing with the id by means of psychoanalytical techniques.The difference of these men is clearly seen but they also have ideas that intertwine them. Plato thought the human soul, which we now call the mind, was made up of three parts appetitive, rational, and the spiritual soul. Freud in turn in his career built a system around Platos comparable ideas.The system was id similar to the appetitive soul, ego similar to the rational soul, and superego similar to the spiritual soul. Both men have given the world a foundation to build upon and expand their theories.ReferencesBrickhouse, Thomas, and Nicolas D. Smith. meshing Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Plato . N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. Thornton, Stephen P. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Freud, Sigmund . N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. KR, Holmes. Result Filters. National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d. Web. 27 Feb. 2014.Lorenz, Hendrik. Ancient Theories of Soul. Stanford University. Stanford University, 23 Oct. 2003. Web. 27 Feb. 2014.

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Nightmare: Carnival and Read Laser Tag

Just A Nightmare Carnivals are places that you go to have gambol, but sometimes these fun places can turn into your worst nightmares. It all began on a night come forth with my family. We were just out at the mall and when we were coming back home, we passed by a carnival. The carnival looked inc rednessible so my family and I decided to go to the carnival and have some fun as well. We went to the carnival and it looked better up close. There were people and lights everywhere, but the carnival still had a hollow and chilly feeling to it. Wherever I went, I had the feeling that somebody was pursuance me.My brothers and me went on a couple of rides and then I see a huge sign that read Laser Tag. Thats when I dead got an awkward urge of playing Laser Tag. I told my father and he got a ticket for me. The line was really long and my father did not indispensableness to wait in line with me so I told him that I could wait in line all alone and he should come back subsequently 30 minu tes to get me. He agreed and left me delay there. Again this time, I had the chilly feeling that somebody or something was watching me anxiously, waiting to strike. It was finally my turn.I went in with a group of twenty people dressed in laser tag jackets of four different team colors and murky laser guns labeled with the same color as their jackets. I was in the yellow team. After all of us got ready, the laser tag employees let us into a dark black-walled maze. I ran away from everyone so I would not get tagged. I ran and ran until I reached a dead end. I looked around and saw a red-labeled jacket and gun making its way toward me. I got my gun ready to shoot whoever it was, but when I pressed on the gun to shoot, the run low it made sent shivers down my spine.It was the boom sound real guns made. I looked in front of me and the red-labeled someone fell to the ground. I just stood there, unable to move. I was still trying to make sense of this whole thing and after about five minutes, I got to the conclusion that I had just killed a person I was a murderer I ran, closing my eyes as I got close to the person I had just killed. I clutched the gun tightly in my shaking hands incase I came in contact with more trouble. I ran and ran. I saw other labeled people, but I did not dare lift up my gun. I have to find my way out was the only thing I could think.I saw light cold away at the end of the caliginous path. As I got closer, I realized it was some kind of backdoor. I ran through it and now, once again, I was out in the free air, but this time, there was no body to be seen or heard. There was stillness everywhere. It seemed corresponding not even a mavin leave was moving. I looked around cautiously once again and started to run. I had to get as far away from this place as possible. I ran like a maniac who had some running disease. I got to an empty parking lot. It looked like a ghost town. I saw a dumpster and hid behind it to visualize my breath.I was t aking long, constant breaths when I heard distant footsteps coming closer and closer. I stopped breathing and got my gun ready again. I did not be what happened to me, but I felt like a walking and talking killing machine. The footsteps started to turn into silent claps that got louder. The footsteps then turned around the corner and their possessor was now facing me. He was not a normal person. He was a clown. He was wearing those bright, colorful jester clothes and big red clown shoes. I stood there frozen. I had been scared of clowns since forever, and now my worst nightmare had come alive. Good job on your first kill, the clown said, express emotion hysterically. He got a shiny silver dagger out of the oversized pocket of his jester clothes and brought it towards me. I pointed my gun at him and pressed, but instead of a bullet or boom sound, a laser came out. The clown laughed hysterically again and brought the dagger close to my neck. Too bad its your last. And that is whe n I opened my eyes. I was lying on by bed sweating badly. My heart was beating like a drum. I looked around myself, panicking. It was just a nightmare, I convinced myself. Just a nightmare

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Marketing 4 Ps

A direct ON ORGANIZATIONAL FUNCTIONS AT RAHUL MOTORS A project cut across submitted to SRM University, In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the honor of The degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINSTARTIONS Submitted by AMIT PRASAD (3511110732) Under the guidance of Mr. G. VENUGOPALAN (Assistant Professor) SRM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT SRM UNIVERSITY KATTANKULATHUR CAMPUS KANCHEEPURAM-03 MAY2012-JULY2012 DECLARATIONI AMIT PRASAD do declare that the look report entitled A STUDY ON ORGANISATIONAL FUNCTIONS from RAHUL MOTORS in HOOGHLY (WEST BENGAL) submitted to the SRM UNIVERSITY for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master Of Business Administration is my own endeavor and it has not been submitted earlier to any insertion / university for any degree. PLACE Chennai Date signature of the tushdidate AMIT PRASAD REG NO 3511110732 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is a matter of cracking satisfaction and pleasure to bribe This Report of RAHUL MOTORS west Bengal.I shell o ut this Opportunity to Owe my thanks to all those involved in my Training. This project report could not adopt been completed without the Guidance of our director of the social club, Avijit Roy and project Venugopalan . Their well timed(p) help & encouragement helped me To complete this project successfully. I express my gratitude towards rung of RAHULMOTORS those Who have helped me directly or indirectly in completing the Training. AMIT PRASAD PREFACE When e trulybody is providing what is anticipate Fro m him/ he r, the pe rson de livering the U n e x p e c t e d to its guests succeeds in the long run.In presentlys marketplace, it is no longer enough to satisfy the Customers, the manufacturer unavoidably to delight them as well. To Conquer the modern crease world i unavoidably to be one-step ahead of its competitors. MBA is combination of twain theoretical as well as practical aspects of business and summer training gives a well-behaved opportunity to work in a real work environment. This Project report is the result of 8 weeks training at RAHUL MOTORS. It has given me a huge exposure and I have found practical work truly different from theoretical ones. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYI had an opportunity to receive my summer interns project RAHUL MOTORS Hooghly due west Bengal. During the project I had a privilege being guided by MR. Avijit Roy, director of The attach to. The mother business of the troupe is to secure and Sell auctions Vehicles in the market. The alliance was setup in 2000 and freshlyly five more companies have been established During the Last years . The tittle of my project was a study of organization use. The intentive of choosing these topic was learn how the Work is done in an organization. With great hard work I have tried to show in report how work are being done in the organization .I hope this report ordain not be fall out the just another academic chronicle but get out in all practi ringy prove to be a use full tool f or giving direction to the RAHUL MOTORS, which is the earnest call from the depth of my heart. AMIT PRASAD RAHUL MOTORS SECRETS OF SUCCESS There are hundreds of business books and number of journals And magazines published every year on successful business Operation. However, in nutshell, it can be distilled in 8 major Secret which are as follows. ? 1st secret is that successful companies are not in business solely for the money. enthalpy Ford remarked that a company which only makes money is no sort of company at all. Strong culture, faster than other, friendly and goal oriented. ? Try to see the customers, what customers actually wants that are understand by the company not vague idea, need aspiration and behavior. ? T he y k n o w w h a t i s i mp o rt a n t a n d t h is i s re fl e c t e d i n t h e i r impulsion of their employees. ? Successful companies are persistent and p o w e r f u l communicator. People redeem in coordinateation and bright idea to themselves or communica te with a select few. ? Not a secret at all keep faith in simple practice and principles is the presence of the chosen few. Leader in sense overall activities he control ability and skill. ? Make moolah but make customer delight. RAHUL MOTORS BELIEVES IN ? The fact that change is a air of life. ? Absolute market orientation for a quick and positive reception to the customers needs. ? An uncompromising commitment to a flexible, professional and in the flesh(predicate)ized good from within a stimulating result oriented environment. ? Timely obstetrical delivery with consistent standards. ? Response approach to the benefits of R&D and the modern technology. ? Having faith in individual potential and respect for mankind values. ? Being a esponsible corporal citizen with due respect to the laws of the land and its environment. ? Product to be the best available quality for premium market segments. ? These underline the corporate philosophy, which has shaped RAHUL MOTORS OF YESTER DAY and RAHUL MOTORS OF TODAY. Products to be of the best available quality for premium market segment through TQM an d zero defect implem entation. For achieving in all personaal areas, encouraging innovations for incessant improvement of the crossroad and service. Having faith in your skill and ability. Always encourage and motivate your group. Believe in loyalty.RAHUL MOTORS CULTURE AND ASPECTS ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Professionalism System Approach Commitment To choice Excellence With Economy Cost Consciousness pitying Resource Regarded As Valuable Asset Emphasis On Teaching and Development Preference To Human Value Management By Participation Open Door Policy In Sharing Ideas And Suggestions Group Synergy Emphasis on effective dialogue and coordination Managerial strength and acceptance to change Cordial Environment Customer Focus Honor And Reward ? ORGANISATION STRUCTURE BOARD OF DIRECTOR S CHAIRMAN/ MANAGING DIRTECTOR VICE PRESIDENTMANAGER STAFF SUB STAFF FIG (1. 0) REVIEW IN LITERATURE OF MARKETING In the sequence of strategic analysis and decision, trade mix falls after various external and internal environmental analysis much(prenominal) as SWOT analysis and even inventulation of competitive strategies . marketing mix is an interpretive concept in modern marketing and academically it is referred to as the set of controllable tools that the firm blend to produce the responses it wants in the target market. So, it consists of everything that the firm can do to influence the demand for their product. t is important to release that marketing mix of any company have can have one major functions that is strategic communication of the organization with the customers. It was further argued that marketing mix provides multiple paths can be achieved in written form or through communication (advertising and selling etc) or umpteen more symbolic forms. However the key element is that the of import aspects of marketing mix that will be discusse d below should not be seen as individual entities but as the set of Interrelated entities which has to be set in conjunction with one another.Main aspects of marketing mix The earliest way to know marketing is through more famous synonym 4ps of marketing the classification of first marketing mix was first introduce and suggested by mccarthy and includes marketing strategies product, price, place promotions . the following diagram is useful in determing the 4ps in marketing mix. ? PRODUCT In simpler terms product consists of all features and combination of goods that the company offers to its customers . LAZER argued that the closely important aspects for main dickens reasons.The very first is the product are the expressions for the company find the link with the customers. so the product policy and strategy are the prime importance to an enterprise. Secondly, it is imperative to realize that the product of any company is a both component and determinant of marketing mix as it Hs a great influence in other marketing mix. So, without a proper policy a company cannot pursue for the further element of marketing mix. ? PRICE Pricing is basically a setting of price for a product or service Offered. n simplest way kotler have describe price that an amount of money paid by the customers for a product. Generally pricing strategy has been divided into two parts price determination and price administration. Pricing determination refers to as the process and activities employed to arrive at a price for a product within the same line and differences in price for a similar product. On the other hand price price for a similar product. On the other hand price administration refers to the activities in fitting basic price to a particular sales situations such as local , function performed by the customers or special sales situations. PLACES Places under marketing mix compromises all company activities that make the product to the targeted customers . based on the various fa ctors such as sales, communication , contractual considerations various ways of making product available. On a general note while planning a transcription under marketing mix strategy company follow six different strategy for the placement some of the strategy are choosing single or multiple distribution channels, the type of intermediaries to use on quality and reputations. ? PROMOTIONSPromotional strategy include all through which a company communicates the benefits and values of its product. The best way of understating these p is through the concept of the marketing communication process. The actual message is the advertisement or sales presentations the destinations of potential customers. CONCLUSION At last I can conclude that the company have reached the Maturity level in the market and the proper strategies and ideas Can reach the goal which the company wants to achieve. The Utilization of choice and hands can besides achieve benefits For the call onth of the company.The organization function of the company is a important part of Any organization. RAHUL MOTORS have a very mean functions that are played in the company. RECOMMENDATION ? The company should have its own website, as it helps to locate more customers. ? The location of the corporate office should be changed to the heart of the city. ? The company should make a investments on proper advertisements to capture major part of markets. ? The customers should be perpetually be acknowledged about the new product of the company. BUSINESS ASSOCIATES OF THE COMPANYAs the company is rising day by day the companies have Collaborated with differentleading companies who are the Business leaders in the market of west Bengal. The associates argon principally banks and Insurance company who does the Businesswith RAHUL GROUP of companies. The associates of the company are helping RAHUL MOTORS in different ways by providing funds to the Company. The company presently departure to collaborate with more c ompanies , now presently companies is work with some of the leading of the companies are as follows- ? MAGMA FINCORP LTD ?CITICORP FINANCE INDIA LTD ? RELIGARE FINVEST LTD ? TATA CAPITAL LTD ? RELIGARE CAPITAL LTD ? KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD ? INDUSIND BANK LTD ? brand-new INDIA ASSURANCECOMPANY LTD ? BAJAJ ALLIANZ GENENAL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD ? ICICI LOMBARD GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD MARKET SHARE OF THE COMPANY RAHUL MOTORS -15% OTHERS- 85% Market Share Rahul Motor Others FIG-2. 0 branch OF THE COMPANY 6 5 4 Axis Title 3 Growth 2 1 0 2008 2009 2010 Axis Title 2011 2012 FIG-3. 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 56 lac 70 lac 01 cr 02 cr 05 cr (TARGET) GEOGRAPHICAL AREA Urban, 12%Semi-Urban, 48% Rural, 40% FIG-4. 0 COMPTEITIORS OF THE COMPANY A company when gets into business, they need tackle many things . the most important problem company need to face is that, the competitors need to be careful with their ideas and strategy. As in the case of RAHUL MOTORS the company need to face many c ompetitors . RM have their different strategy for the against company . During the past years the company have heightenned many opponents in their business . some of the major competitors of RAHUL MOTORS are as follows- LAXMI MOTORS AMIT MOTORS DILIP SAHA & COMPANYThese are some of the major opponents of the company. FIVE YEAR PLAN OF THE COMPANY On the basis of the company progress reports and with the help of the past testifys, company has planned to grow the company and become the major player in the market. The company have different ideas and plan for their new and knowing product. The company is planning to grow their field in finance sector that is the company have an idea to get into the loan business. For an example the bank provides loan on the basis of the needs of Customers. virtually of the major plans of the companies which are as follows- They are sacking start a new venture which would provide funds to the customers against gold, which is a new form funding syst em for the customers , which is withal known as gold loan. ? Next plan of the company is to make the company a private Limited company which would help the company to grew Faster in the market . These are some of the above plans of the company . the most Important step the company is going to take in the emerging is that, The company is going to grow their business with their own funds which means own funding for the company, which is the crucial step the company is going to take for their future business.GEOGRAPHICAL AREA The geographical shows the optimum areas of business of the Company. The Data provided by the company was significant for me to analyze the areas where the company has more Percentage of Customersandless. In others words, we can say that the company the companys market capture in West Bengal. A graphical presentation have showed that how the company has captured the market. Some of the areas of the company areas are as follows- ? Semi-urban areas 48% ? Rural ar eas 40% ? Urban areas 12 % These are some of the areas where the company have capture the market GROWTH OF THE COMPANYDuring the last 5 years , the company have shown positive Growth without having any decline in any of the business. In 2008 the net investment was well-nigh 56 lakhs and now in 2012 the company have invested around 5 corers. The total investments shows the progress of the company. The net total investments was taken of last 5year to obtained a pictorial (fig-2. 0) representation regarding the growth of the company. tender RESOURCE POLICY OF THE COMPANY The RAHUL GROUP Human Resource department plays a very Significant and important procedure to keep the link between the Employees and management.The company have strict and Convenient policy for the employees . the companys Management always showed their employees that they are the Assets of the companies and the employees also feel homely Environment in the offices . some of the companies HR policy Which are as fol lows, ? LEAVE POLICY The employee can take 12 leaves in a year subject to approval of the authority. Before taking any leave, employee has to apply for leave at least three days prior for one/two leave and for long leave apply minimum ten days. If anybody is found taken leave without approval, his/her leave will be treated as LOP (Loss of pay). Six leaves can be enchased after completing the year. Its includes medical/illness. However, special medical cases will be taken into consideration. Employee can take half(a) day leave for his personal work. ? ATTENDANCE POLICY Employee has to be present within 10. 30 a. m. and sign the Attendance register book immediately. After 10. 30 nobody will be given permission to sign thereof and the employee will be marked as Late for this day. Leave related record will be taken from the register book. If any employee does not sign for specific day and demand after some days that this is person was present on that day.His/her demand will be stric tly rejected. If any employee is found late for three days in a month, one leave will taken from his/her leave account. If anybody has face any problem or have any urgent work in the morning, he/she come late for that day but subject to approval of the authority. He/she has to inform for that matter. Without information his/her attendance will be marked as late. If anybody is found present all working day within 10. 30 a. m. and leave office 7. 00 p. m. , he/she will be will be rewarded for his/her punctuality and dedication for the work. PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS The performance followup is done bi-yearly in the organization The promotions in the organization are usually governed by the following factors How well an employee performed in his / her present job. How much potential an employee has for future responsibilities. How much additional knowledge he / she have acquired for further advancement. Personal attribute, work habits, attitude towards self and others, ability to g et along with the team, leadership qualities, personal parcel to the success of the company determines his / her competence for promotion.Feedback given by all those who work with the employee such as his / her superiors, subordinates, peers and the customers. ? EMPLOYEES RECREATIONS Birthdays and parties are organized for the employees on Specific day and month . Arrangement are done by the Companies HR. The main motive of these parties in the Company is to change the environment of work to Something different the parties includes all the employees Including directors of the company. On the other hand Picnic is also organized every year for the companies Employees which is an compulsory event organized by HR Team of the company. MARKET RESEARCHMarket interrogation a great deal refers to either primary or secondary Research. Secondary research involves a company using Information compiled from various sources which is about new or existing product. Primary research involves quali tative research and quantative research as well as field taste and observations conducted for tailored specifically to that product. Primary research which is also called field research or original research is useful for finding informations and getting customers views and feedback. During the survey for my report I visited many of the customers who are the new and also the exiting customers.While communicating with them I analyzed that Rahul motors always try to ststisfy their customers in any circumstances , for an example the company provide loose monthly installments EMI for the vehicles . As the current scenarios of the market I observed in the west Bengal is that, the customers dont want invest on the new Vehicles as because the interest rate and the subsidy on the Vehicles are very high. So they are going for the use vehicles. Here the Rahul motor is playing a great role towards the Customers by financing the vehicles at low interest rate and Good offers.Rahul motors always segmented their customers in Different categories which makes the easy to deal with the Customers. The company can provide the product what the Customers for his/her use. Market research resulted that the Company have generated the maturity stage in the market and it seems the decline stage would not come for these company . MARKET SHARE OF THE COMPANY The total market share of the company is about 15% throughout West Bengal, which is being assumed by the company. After Analyzing the company annual report it has shown progress During the last years.Therefore the company has targeted more Profits in the coming year for the development. From the data provided by the company. A graphical (1. o) diagram Has been obtained and which made easy to make an Analysis of the total market share. MISSION OF THE COMPANY Every company has wish and goal which they always want to Fulfill. RAHUL GROUP OF COMPANIES have some target And also dreams which they want to achieve during the past Years some of the target of the company is as follows- ? The very first dream of the company is to get the no. position in the market. ? They want to spread their business in the different states of India. ? As they are expanding their business they are going to recruit employees for their companies. OBJECTIVE This study is done in keeping following rejectives in view ? To find out the present precondition of the automobile industries in India. ? To study the market research of automobile industries. ? To study the distribution and the marketing strategy adopt by the automotive industries. OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY set up in 2000and was started by Roy family .It is a family Owned business , The Shareholders of the company are the Family members, ? Ranjit Roy ? Avijit Roy ? Indrajeet Roy They are the directors of the company . The mother business of The company is to buy the vehicles from the auctions ,For an Example they buy those vehicles whose installments cannot be Paid by the customers an d generally the vehicles are taken by The insurance company or the vehicles which customers want To Sell they buy those cars also, For these work they have 100+ Employees all over west Bengal and their target is to recruit to more Than 500+ employees for the company within 2 years.They started with one company and within 2000now they have groups of company which are as follows, ? RAHUL MOTORS Nature of business is to buy and sell auctions vehicles in the market, they generally sell the commercial vehicle comparable trucks. ? TANVI place The actual motive of these company is to provide parking place to the private vehicles. ? RITISHA MOTOR GARAGE The garage provides all kinds of repairs to the customers vehicles by using the proper manpower and engineers for the vehicles . ? RAHUL MOTOR FINANCE This company is one of the oldest non-banking and financial services organizations in West Bengal.Through a globalize network linked by advance technology, including a rapidly growing e-comm erce capability, Rahul Motors provides a comprehensive financial starting financing old and new vehicles. ? RAHUL RELCON PVT. LTD This is a new organization of RAHUL GROUP of companies. Rahul relcon is a locution company who builds apartments and flat for the customers. As it new company in the group, It need to face many competitors in the market. PRODUCT OF THE COMPANY A tangible object or intangible services that is mass produced or manufactured on a large scale with specific units.The product of Rahul motors is a tangible object as their product is the commercial vehicles for example car and trucks. They actually deal in the old and used vehicles for their business. The company does the hard job to get the vehicles . their main out sourcing is to get the vehicles from the auctions and the also the scraps vehicles, which they refurnished it once again and after that they get back to the customers. PRICE OF THE COMPANY The price is the amount a customer for the product. It is Det ermined by a number of factor including market share , Competitions, material cost etc. he business may increase or Decrease the price of product if other stores have the same Product. In the case of Rahul motors the price is the main factor for them they always provide the vehicles in a reasonable rate and even they provide financing options for the customers. Rahul motors always give their customers value for money and the company also help the customers several ways like free service and many more. PROMOTIONS OF THE COMPANY Promotions represent all of the communications that a marketer may use in the market place. Promotions has four unadorned element which are as follows- ? ? ? ?Advertising Public relations Word of mouth Point of sale Rahul motors always follow all above the policy. The company does not invest in any advertisement as because it can make extra investments on the company . the main outsourcing of the company is the employees who communicates with the customers wh o are free to buy and sale their vehicles. These system help the company to get directly to the customers. PLACE OF THE COMPANY Place represents the locations where a product can be Purchased. It is often referred to as the distribution channel It can include any physical store as well as virtual stores on the internet.The company generally deal in the Commercial vehicles so they have targeted the semi urban Areas of the state where they find maximum number of Customers for their product. REVIEW IN LITERATURE OF merciful RESOURCE Every business unit needs human resource (manpower) for the conduct of different business activities. In fact, no organisation can exist or operate efficiently without the support of human resource. Such human resource includes top level managers, executives, supervisors and other subordinate / lower level staff / employees.A business organisation has to estimate its future manpower needs and adjust its manpower planning and development programmes accordi ngly. This is called staffing function of management. Human resource management is also described as personnel management or manpower management. According to Edwin Flippo, Personnel Management is the planning, organizing , directing and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration and maintenance of people for the finding of contributing to organizational, individual and social goals.Various areas such as recruitment and selection, wage payment and industrial l relations are covered under human resource management. Human Resource Development Human Resource Development (HRD) means to develop available manpower through suitable methods such as training, promotions, transfers and opportunities for career development. HRD programmes create a team of welltrained, efficient and capable managers and subordinates. Such team constitutes an important asset of an enterprise. One organisation is different from another mainly because of the people (employees) working therein. According to stopcock F .Druker, the prosperity, if not the survival of any business regards on the performance of its managers of tomorrow. The human resource should be nurtured and used for the benefit of the organisation. Human resource is most important resource in management and needs to be used efficiently. This is because success, stability and growth of an organisation depend on its ability in acquiring, utilizing and developing the human resources for the benefit of the organisation. In the final analysis, it is the people (i. e employees) who produce promising results and generate a temper conductive to the growth and development of an organisation.HR is a highly productive corporate asset and the overall performance of companies and corporations depends upon the extent to which it is effectively developed and utilised. It is the most tender factor of production and need not be treated merely as a commodity to be bought and used in factories. According to Pe ter Drucker, The function of management is to manage managers, workers and work. The importance of manpower in business management is now universally accepted. Employees have a capacity to grow and develop, if suitable opportunities are offered.They give positive response to monetary and nonmonetary incentives, training opportunities, favorable work environment and motivation. According to Pigors and Myers, Good management means getting effective results with people. This suggests the importance of human resource. Human resource is certainly important even in this age of extensive use of computer technology. This is because political machine cannot be used as a substitute for human brain which has capacity to think, assess and react. It is correct to say that man is a power rather than man has a power.Progressive / professional managements invest huge funds on training and development of human resource and this suggests the importance of human resource and its contribution in indu strial and economic development. Professionally managed companies in India such as Larsen and Toubro Ltd, TELCO, Reliance, etc. , give specia l importance and good attention to HRD. CHAPTER 1 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CHAPTER 2 MARKETING MIX BIBLIOGRAPHY ? MARKETING MANAGEMENT by Philip kotler ? MARKETING MANAGEMENT by pondicherry university WEBSITES ? www. google. com ? www. scribd. com ? www. wikepedia. co. in

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KFC †Marketing Strategy Essay

The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate the nutrimentstuffing strategies of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). The researcher result consider how the organization gets superscript value and builds strong family relationship to capture value from customers in return. The paper explores facts for building and concording profitable customer relationship by delivering weapons-grade value and satisfaction. The researcher is going to investigate the social obligations of the order to observe the impact organizationalpolicies on the environment, community, health of the consumer and intent of available resource At the end the researcher will suggest how the companionship preserve design customer driven grocerying strategy for acquiring, retaining and attracting spic-and-span customers. The paper in addition foc determinations on creating top-flight value and satisfaction with blissful grocery storeing and communication programmes.INTRODUCTIONKFC which stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken formed in 1930 and based in Louisville is the innovations famous chicken restaurants chain specializing in original recipe, extra crispy, Kentucky grilled chicken etc. Every daylight more than 12 million customers ar served in more than 109 countries and regions. KFC operates more than 800 restaurants in UK, more than 5200 restaurants in USA and more than 15,000 restaurants around the globe. KFC is part of YUM cracks corporation, the worlds largest restaurant attach to in terms of system restaurants with more than 36,000 locations around the world. The society is be 239 on fortune 500 list, with revenue in excess of $11 billion in 2008.KFC is as committed to the environment as we are to our food and to our customers. We are idealistic of the steps we have taken so far to reduce our environmental foot marking and are committed as a brand to do even more in the in future. Its an ongoing journey that were on and we want to keep you our customers informe d along the way KFC introduced first reusable solid food container in 2010. The company re stationd plastic plates with paper overhaul boxes and reduced use of non-renewable resources like styrofoam from the restaurants. By 2011 the company will reduce foam and plastic use by 62% and 11% respectively. Note You can check the entire history of the corporation at http// marketINGIt is the process by which the company creates value for the customers, builds strong relationship with the consumers and captures value in return. (Kotler, 2007) Lets use the simple model of marketing process to assess the secrets backside the success of KFC.UNDERSTANDING THE MARKETThe basic reason behind the success of KFC is their ability to understand the marketplace and needs of the customers. KFC conducts consumer research to go not bad(p) length in learning about their market, competitors and customers. Consumers wants are satisfied by providing topping value and s atisfaction. Other factors behind such a resounding success are the capability of company to understand whom to serve, how to serve by integrating customer driven marketing strategy and how to capture the value in return to build long term profitability. The company has adopted the apprehension of increasing the share of the customers rather than increasing harvest-home market share.CHOOSING A VALUE PROPOSITIONAfter successful segmentation the company decides about how it will serve the customers to polariate and position itself in the market place. Through value proposition the company creates set of benefits that distinguish itself as a premium brand in the market. the company provides supreme food and dining experience to kids, families and visitors in order to discover dinning and to contraryiate itself from competitors. The company offers convergences that offer most in quality, military operation and taste. Due to service oriented nature of the hospitality industry the company maintains customer-centred sense of marketing by develop the justifiedly yields for their customers instead of finding the right customer for their products.MARKETING STRATEGYThe primary goal of developing a customer driven marketing strategy is to build strong and profitable relationship with the customers for accomplishing short and long-term organizational goals. Through market segmentation, seating and positioning the company divides its b crudeersuit market into smaller segments to be served effectively. It identifies the needs of the hindquarters market by selecting the most promising segments and then delivers premium value in order to foster customer satisfaction and allegiance. In order to design a beaver marketing strategy and marketing mix the company makes use of environmental outline, marketing analysis, planning, implementation and control measures.To survive and be competitive in the market KFC designs customer oriented strategies to win customers from their competitors and to grow by delivering superior value. The managements is aware about the approach of having dissatisfied customers who disparage the products to another(prenominal) individuals. Therefore they design products and operate that are appealing to all the consumers.MARKET SEGMENTATIONAt first place the company decides whom it will serve? By dividing the target market into diametrical segments like Family, Kids, Visitors, Tourists, Professionals, age, region, culture etc and then developing superior value for specific segments. Market segmentation enables the company to select and serve only those segments go the trounce opportunity for achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Consumers are grouped and served based on demographic and geopgraphic factors. The segmentation also enable the company to analyze the behavioural patterns, affordability, best communication and delivery channel.TARGET MARKETINGAfter the careful cream of the segments, the comp any evaluates the attractiveness and profitability of available segments. Based on such findings the company selects segments pledging for superior customer value, generating more profitability and where it can sustain value over time.MARKET POSITIONINGIn order to make a clear, distinctive and preferred product image before the target market KFC makes use of competitive intelligence to get useful teaching about their competitors for gaining competitive advantage in the market, benefiting from first mover advantage (FMA) and for having a competitive prices. The company sustains the competitive advantage by having lower prices than competitors and providing more benefits. The company differentiates itself through by recognize customer loyalty and appreciating staffs or customers input for customizing their menu. Another useful tactic used by the company is the selection of medium through which the information is distri aloneed (disseminated) to the general public formaintaining the desirable brand designation and picture. The company effectively uses all the available media ( yarn-dye, electronic etc) for targeting the potential customers and creating a distinct corporate image.MARKETING MIXIt is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools that the company blends in order to get the desired response from the target market (Kotler, 2005). It includes everything that the company aspires to influence demand in the target market.PRODUCTKFC offers tasty and at rest food to customer at nominal prices. The company produces products for family, kids and race of age groups to discover dinning. Although company has done alot for offering quality food to the target market but critics point that hamburgers, friend chicken, fries, and snacks contain high fatness and salt. Sometimes meals are Super sized leading to over eating and becoming an evident cause of obesity epidemic. Although the products are wrapped in convenient packaging but raise demands for handling substantial waste and pollution. KFC being the largest unshakable food supplier generates tons of solid waste every day where significant percentage isnt recyclable and lasts longer on the landfills. Therefore in the shorter last the company is satisfying consumer needs but creating environmental problems in the longer run.The company has a reputable image and brand name in the world for producing quality food with essential nutritions, healthy ingredients, low calories and drinks containing necessitate minerals. Customers can easily get the information about the products from the companys website with guidance on how the product is made, customer can also customize product on their own premises and change the ingredients to their likings. All the burgers are filled with chicken breast only. Recently the company invest The company invests 1 million per annum to switch to nutritionally superior high oleic rapeseed crude oil following that of late company announced to use only hi gh oleic rape seed oil in all products and aborting the use of palm oil.The company has variety of things distinguishing itself from the competitorsoperating within the same industry. Some of the defining aspects distinguishing company from its competitors are easy to do food, elegant packaging and status value. Buyers dont estimate the products values and costs objectively and are only persuaded by perceive image of the company and its food in the market.PRICEThe company deploys yield management to come up with competitive prices for their products. The prices are really low payable to large number of players penetrating in the same market or industry and satisfying consumer needs. More than anything its the brand identity influencing slew to formulate the product. The company also uses Augmented Product concept in order to boost the sales, provide special discounts and schemes for rewarding loyalty. The company has s different prices for different segments based on number of helpings.PLACEMENTSThe company greatly emphasizes on customer convenience for obtaining products/services therefore have designed free standing outlets so that customers are not few minutes walk away from the outlet, suburbs, cities or high street. The outlets are positioned at all major(ip) shop malls, train stations, cities, city centres and suburbs so the cost of reaching the market, acquiring and disposing the product is low. Apart from expressing deep concerns for customer health issues the company directly interacts with the target market by providing toll free number and facility to go online for reserving orders. The company has also adopted the concept of Direct selling where consumers can buy most anything without going to the outlet by telephone, mail-order catalogue or by visiting online. KFC uses or for direct marketing.PROMOTIONKFC deploys different activities for communicating the merits of their products and persuading customers to obtai n their products/services. The company uses print and electronic media to target the potential customersand for maintaining a distinctive image of their products/service before the public. KFC has the presence on different social websites such as Facebook, Flickr and Linkedin to parent the products. The company spends considerable amount of money for Advertising and Selling.The marketing experts design different TV Ads for promoting the products, targeting the individuals, disseminating the merits of products and attracting new ones. The company also uses bill boards, sign boards, print publications, brochures, magazines, impression success stories in the newspaper and forming fusion with other famous organizations to boost selling and preserve an elative face before the public. Recently the company was ranked as a Britian Top Employer and recognized as a great place for work on the basis of following catalyst characteristics performance recognition culture, friendliness, team wor k, career progression, advancement and development opportunities.MANAGING THE MARKETING EFFORTApart from being good at marketing, KFC pays significant attention to management that includes in discretion market analysis, planning, implementation and control. The company gathers lot of information about the market to analyze whether the window of opportunity is opened for their products before actually marketing products to the target market. The company first develops marketing oriented mission statement, then develop strategic plan for products, services, brands and target markets. After thorough consideration and planning the company turns plan into actions.ENVIRONMENTAL depth psychologyThe environmental or PEST analysis is used to assess the industry in which the company is operating and is used in conjunction in SWOT Analysis to find out major opportunities or threats facing company. The company can use such techniques to examine the ind thoroughlying or external forces affecti ng their ability to provide superior value to customers at a fair price. The pest analysis of the KFC is as underpoliticalKFC has partnered with several government and non-government organizations to effectively circumvent barriers influencing to deliver premium value tocustomer. Many consumers and environmental groups have raised their voice against fast food giants providing toss and unhealthy food to consumers. Critics suggest that hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken etc are high in fat and salt. The government has also restricted the fast food giants not to market the food to under age groups and regulated the companies to modify their product menu that doesnt contribute to national obesity epidemic. Critics feel that fast food companies are harming consumer health and providing fat food. Recently KFC signed up to the Governments Public Health Responsibility Deal, promising to include calories on menu boards.The company will also be launching a Lighten Up initiative at poin t of sale by offering customers an opportunity to lighten up their meals for free or by swapping a regular drink to diet, and fries for corn or beans saving up to 295 calories. The company was also the first QSR to introduce salad to the menu and to stop salting its fries, and eliminated artificial trans fats in 2007 by removing hydrogenated vegetable oils from its menu. Furthermore, a salt reduction programme launched in 2005 has so far cut salt by up to 40% across the menu. The company has adopted fair trade practices e.g having the culture of equal opportunity employment, minority rights, accurately declaring business income, paying taxes. In united states Food and Drug administration, Consumer product safety commission set safety standards for the products and penalize companies impuissance to meet them.ECONOMICThe management keeps an eye on ongoing economic events so that the company isnt affected by economic volatilities or uncertainties. The company closely monitors per capi ta income of consumers in different regions, ongoing inflation affecting buying behaviour and exchange rates limiting their ability to obtain or substance material from suppliers. The company gathers all that information to exploit from labour market imperfections in the international arena and from expanded opportunity rationale.SOCIALThe company deploys social Marketing in order to maintain the equilibrium between consumer short-run wants and long-term welfare the company has established strict guidelines for portraying a golden public image andto sustain brand recognition. KFC is a company that satisfies the needs of the target market by doing whats best for them in the longer run? To curb the concerns of consumers and environmental groups the company has taken different initiatives to look after health and safety issues of their employees and customers in particular. Recently the company introduced Brazer (non-fried, griddled range, to consistently advance the nutritional pr ofile of their menu (products), to fulfil promises made about health and to cut down the level of saturated fat.The company has also done partnership and signed memorandums with other organizations to look after public health issues. Recently the company was ranked as a Britain top employer and as a beautiful place to work for individuals. The company executive disclosed that the company provides advancement opportunities to individuals on merit and encourages team work and individual participation. The company established environmental leadership council in 2006, became a member of Considerate Contractor Scheme and presently working with Carbon Trust to reduce energy emissions. The company has also taken initiatives for minify carbon footprints, making efficient use of natural resource e.g water, electricity etc. The company has also formed alliance with environmental defence system to handle solid waste and maintain environmentally favourable image.TECHNOLOGICALThe company is op erating in a rapidly changing environment creating new opportunities and posing threats. The new technology creates new opportunities but the of replacing new technology is always high. The company is aware about the cost of ignoring new technology and its side effects as well. KFC is a company that keeps with the technological changes and refines its product menu on regular basis. Such changes have resulted in much higher research and development costs due to the complex nature of the technology the marketers and consumers must have technical know how.SWOT ANALYSISSWOT ANALYSIS is the acronym of Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and threat is a strategic tools used by the company to analyze the circumstances in which the company is operating. Strengths and Weaknesses are the sexualfactors on which the organization has total control where as Opportunities and threats are the external uncontrollable factors.Strengths of KFC* Favourable public image and Brand Equity* Second largest fast food supplier after Macdonalds* Global Existence* Nominal Prices* Customer Convenience* Professional certifications and awards* Proactive management* Britains top employer and great place to work* Flexible Franchising bringing considerable revenue* Customer Equity* Organizational cultureWeaknesses of KFC* High labour turnover* Junk food* similar taste twice* lose of innovation* Cultural clash of two titans namely Pepsi and KFC* Hygienic food problems as one of the outlet in the States was declared rat infectedOpportunities for KFC* Rapidly changing economy and global trends* Increased demand for convenient food* Pursue Conglomerate Diversification for health conscious people * Increased diversity* Global market imperfections* Expanded opportunity rationaleThreats for KFC* Saturated Market* Increased Competition* Rapidly changing technology* Legal legislations and political regulations* International political chaos* Low variety* Availability of substitute products* Threat of new entrants* Bargaining Power of Customers* Lack of competitive intelligence* Health and safety concerns* Environmental and Government RegulationsANSOFFS PRODUCT MARKET EXPANSION GRIDIt is a portfolio mangement tool for identfying growth opportunities through market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. The model is depicted asSince its inception the company has used different tactics in order to vibrate around in the international market to market their products to domestic, national and international consumers.DIVERSIFICATIONIn 1930 the Harland Sanders opened his first restaurant in Corbin in comportment of gas station.PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTIn 1937 Sanders Court & Caf added a motel and expanded the restaurant to 142 seats.MARKET PENETRATION, PRODUCT AND MARKETDEVELOPMENTIn 1960 Colonels unexpressed work on the road begins to pay off and there were 190 KFC franchisees and 400 franchise units in the U.S. and Canada. In 1964 Kentucky Fried Chicken had more than 600 franchised outlets in the United States, Canada and the first overseas outlet, in England. In 1971 the company had more than 3,500 franchises and restaurants world-wide when Heublein Inc. acquired KFC Corporation. At the end of 1979 the company had There are approximately 6,000 restaurants worldwide with sales of more than$2 billion.PRODUCD DEVELOPMENT AND DIVERSIFICATIONIn 2007 KFC introduced a new recipe that keeps the Colonels 11 herbs and spices and finger-lickin flavor, but contains Zero Grams of Trans Fat per serving thanks to new preparation oil. In 2008 The Colonel had a new look KFC updated one of the most recognized, respected and beloved brand icons with a new logo. The new logo depicted Colonel Sanders with his signature string tie but replaced his classic white double-breasted suit with a red apron symbolizing the domestic culinary heritage of the brand and reminded customers that KFC is always in the kitchen cooking delicious, high-quality, freshl y prepared chicken by hand, just the way Colonel Sanders did 50 years ago.MARKET DEVELOPMENT AND DIVERSIFICATIONIn 2009 KFC introduced Kentucky Grilled Chicken a better option for health conscious consumers to care for their long run welfare in order to capture the entire stream of purchases they would make for the rest of their life. Kentucky Grilled Chicken had less calories, fat and sodium than KFCs Original Recipe chicken, without sacrificing the great taste of KFC.PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTIn 2011 the company launched first ever non-fried range the Brazer that is is a lighter, great-tasting alternative to KFCs animated menu, and includes three new items a burger, a Twister (a tortilla wrap) and a salad, each of which are lower in calories (by up to 60%), fat (by up to 87%), saturated fat (by up to 82%) and salt (by up to 45%) than regular menu items. The company has been using the Ansoffs product market expansion grid by introducing the existing products internationally, providing h alaal food to different communities opening new market and needs to be satisfied, by modifying the nutritional profile of their menu and by slightly changing the cooking ingredients at times.CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) AT KFCAccording to Philip Kotler (2007) customer relationship management is an art of building and maintaining profitable customer relationships by delivering superior value and satisfaction. KFC has developed an extensive databaseabout their customers in order to track touchpoints where they can deliver superior value and maintain profitable relationship with the customers. The major reason for the success of KFC is their ability to offer products having highest customer perceived value and exceeding the customer perceived value. Another reason of such a phenomenol success is the capability to market products whose perceived performance normally exceeds customers expectations. Beyond offering high quality products the company has designed several customer loyalty and retention programs by rewarding customers on frequent purchases.The company also uses Selective Relationship Managment by undertaking customer profitability analysis where overall motive is to weed out loosing customers and target winning ones for pampering. The company creates profitable customers by providing exceptional quality products and delivering customer oriented superior value. The company knows that losing a single customer means losing the entire stream of purchases the customer would make over the entire lifetime. The firms leverages CRM to offer great variety to customers in order to add-on the Share of customers rather than the market share. KFC examines its relationship with social values, responsibilities and the Earth that sustains it.Recently the company announced to cut the use of plastic by 17% and foam by 62% for the year 2011. The social responsibility and environmental movements have placed even strict demands on the company. As KFC is a ship loo king company so it readily accepts the responsibility to the world and people around it. The company views such actions as an opportunity to do well by delivering good (new slogan of the company is So Good). The company compares the opportunity cost of its actions against the long-run interests of the customers and communities. The company has also taken initiatives towards Data Protection and privateness Issues to curb the misuse, scam or phishing.PUBLIC RELATIONS AT KFCPublic relation is an art of managing communication between the organization and the public with an objective to create and maintain favorable public image. KFC uses different communication tools for building awareness about their products and for preserving socially image in the marketplace for their products and services. The company deploys numerous rightfulness orperceived value and dent the reputation of the organization in the market. All the efforts are aimed at helping the public to understand the company a nd its products in more depth. The company sends mystery shoppers to different outlets to unveil defects in service or product. The company also gathers a lot of information about the customers and different topics of their interests to leverage relationship for building a strong public image.Apart from using different media in order to influence the public the comany also deploys lobbying, printing success stories in the newspaper, launching products, posting particular achievements online and by sponsoring UN HUNGER FOOD PROGRAM for providing food to needy people. Recently the company was nominated as the great place to work for individuals and was awarded an award of Britain Top Employer. Such measures play critical intent in achieving a competitive edge, attracting high calibre individuals, creating and delivering superior customer value moreover protecting the well being of the company in the time of crisis.Yum Brands which is the parent of KFC has formed an Animal Welfare Adv isory Council whose role is to get information and advice based on relevant scientific research. The company also obtains positive headlines in the media by showing the commitment to the environment and by productively (efficiently, frugally) using the natural resources. In 2010 the company introduced fast food reusable container. The corporate policy is to reduce the usage of non-renewable resources, cut down the use of Styrofoam and carbon foot prints. In that respect the company is using the concept of Subsistence Economy. The company has also developed guidelines, limitations, and rules (restrictions) for the suppliers in the broiler industry. The company is also proud to be a prominent player in the collaborative effort conducted by National Council of Chain Restaurants and the Food Marketing Institute in developing comprehensive guidelines for all species of farm animals. The company has also implemented programs in the area of poultry care and handling.The company has initiat ed partnership with Barnardos, the UKs biggest charity sustenance children and young people to address the issue of youth unemployment. The company is backing the United Nations World Food Programme against world hunger by superlative over half a million pounds last year thats about 3.35 million meals forchildren in some of the poorest regions of the world. The company is also implementing the concept of product liability where the manufacturer is responsible for the faulty product or any damages made by the product to the consumer. In the past the companies were sued, dragged in beg and evicted on ignoring the product liability obligations.For instance when considering the tragic tampering case in which eight people died from swallowing cyanidelaced capsules of Tylenol a Johnson & Johnson brand. The company knew that the pills were altered in some stores not in the factory so it decided to recall all of its products. The total recall cost was $240 million in earnings but in the longer run such initiative strengthened customers confidence, trust and loyalty in the company. It shows the importance of managing public relations in crisis to preserve the favourable image of the organization. KFC bought the best quality chicken from UK Farms that meet Red Tractor Standards.The company has decided to cut the level of saturated fat by 25%, use of plastic by 17%, use of Styrofoam by 62% and invested 1 million annually on replacing palm oil with rape seed oil. The company also provides all the nutrition information on the internet so that the consumers are aware about their calorie usance and has reduced the use of salt on menu board. All these initiatives show the dedication of the company towards protecting the long-run welfare of the community and customers. The company was recently conferred with an honorary award of Carbon Trust Standard for continued CO2 reduction. In 2009 the company opened first eco-store with salient energy saving features. cobblers last & RECOMMENDATIONSBased on primary and secondary research it can be deduced that the company has taken best initiatives to build strong public image, influence people buy their products by effectively leveraging the selective relationship management and in improving work place practices from employment and production perspective. As the reflect suggests that the company knows the overall impact of its operations on Environment, health of the consumer and reputation of the organization. So it has taken measures to curb the environmental pollution by decreasing the use of plastic and Styrofoam,reducing calories, saturated oil and fats in the food by replacing palm oil with rape seed oil, reducing salt, providing nutrition information to the consumers, obtaining high quality chicken from british farms and by modifying the nutritional profile of the menu on consistent basis. As suggested in earlier part of analysis the company is also funding the United Nations World Food Hunger Program , joined charity in order to help the unemployed youth and reducing the use of non-renewable resources to certain extent by building eco-stores with some energy saving features.The company is making a significant contribution in the well being of the society and in preserving the natural climate by reducing carbon footprints. All these initiatives are the premium examples of how organizations create and maintain profitable customer relationship by using public relations, societial marketing and customer relationship management. When observed from the business perspective the company is operating within a highly saturated market not showing any signs growth for the future. The company can increase the share of their customers by closely analyzing the other ethnical values and perceptions. As the company is operating worldwide it can add new products to menu board by undertaking global cultural research analysis and consequently creating superior customer values shaped by consumers ne eds, wants and demands by observing culture.Based on my own judicial decision it seems like companys policy is to sell everything to everyone. They should focus on particular segment of the market, closely analyze their needs, carefully select the customers and deliver superior customer value to capture back the value in return. As United Kingdom is the country with rich diversity so all these issues should be taken into consideration when creating superior customer value, selecting the appropriate communication channel for positioning the product or targeting the customer, crafting an effective message for the public for communicating the merits of the product and designing loyalty scheme.In analysis it has been discovered that the company hasnt been able to develop customer loyalty and retention programs beyond offering consistently high value and satisfaction. Now a days companies offer frequency marketing programs whereby they reward customers for buying more or in bulk. For in stance airline business companies offer frequent flier programs, hotels provide room upgrades to regular guests and supermarkets give patronage discount to valuable customers. KFC isntimplementing such schemes to reward customers for their loyalty and commitment. The company can issue membership cards with certain validity providing special discounts for generating revenue and increasing sales.REFERENCESValentin, E. K.,SWOT Analysis from a Resource-Based View, Journal of Marketing opening and Practice, Vol. 9, spring, pp. 54-68, 2001. Valentin, E.K. and Jerald T. Storey, R.C. Willey Home Furnishings, Business Case Journal, Vol.10, summer, pp. 99-116, 2002 Chen, H. & Green, R.D., (2009). Marketing Mix and Branding Competitive Hypermarket strategies. International Journal of Management and Marketing seek, 2(1), 17-34. Constantinides, E., (2002). The 4S Web-Marketing Mix model. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 1(1), 5771 Kotler Philip, 2007. Marketing Management.12th E dition, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, stark naked Jersey.Kotler Philip, Keller Kevin L., Brandy Mairead, Goodman Malcalm and Hansen Torban 2009. Marketing Management., Pearson Education Edinburgh Essex , England Bahadur, Nikhil, Patrick W. 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Probation and Parole: Good or Bad Alternatives to Incarceration Essay

The crime problem is ever before the eyes of the society, and the financial and compassionate costs of attempts to deal with it are the focus of much attention non only from the distressing justice governance it is of hot interest in the media, during familiar and parliamentary debates (Tonry Punishment Policies 6). Political leaders, no less than ordinary citizens, are concerned about the hardship and jeopardy that prison life inflicts on malefactor offenders, yet they are justifiably fearful of the consequences for society if criminals are not incarcerated (Geerken & Hayes 552).This ambivalence pervades the central question that the probation/ liberate arranging seeks to service how groundwork prisoners be released to supervised living in the lodge without endangering society? As permanent reformation of criminal justice system is on in the U. S. , reformers passions and persistence continue unabated. In every state and the federal system, calls are made for sentencing gu idelines, mandatory penalties, and three-strikes laws for more use of community penalties for crime reduction through deterrence and incapacitation and for crime reduction through treatment and prevention (Tonry Sentencing Matters 103).Such focus on the issue of alternatives to imprisonment of offenders signifies great importance of the question of faculty of existing battle cry/probation system. The purpose of this study is to explore the extent to which parole and probation resolve the problem of declining crime rates and accomplish two-fold task ensuring smooth change of ex-prisoner/convict to society, while at the same time protecting society.Toward this end we will consider the essence of parole and probation, examine how their authority is evaluated, analyze statistics on the recidivism rates for those on probation and parole, explore factors influencing such rates, and make a conclusion. According to estimations, any given year during last few decades about 4 meg offend ers in the U. S. are on state or federal probation or parole (Roberts & Stalans 34). It means they are liberated from prison and allowed to stay under oversight among the rest of the society while they accommodate to life in the free community.Probation and parole are similar in macrocosm substitutes for imprisonment. Probation offers full-fledged diversion, especially for offenders not previously exposed to incarceration, while parole shortens the exposure to imprisonment (Petersilia 566). Probation is a treatment computer program in which final action in an adjudicated offenders case is suspended, so that he remains at liberty, subject to conditions imposed by or for a court, under supervision and guidance of a probation worker. The word probation derives from Latin, its root meaning being a period of proving or trial (Tonry Punishment Policies 7).Probation program is designed to facilitate the social readjustment of offenders. The program rests upon the courts power to suspend sentence. The probation period is served in the community rather than in a correctional institution. Should the probationer seriously breaches the conditions imposed, probation may be revoked, in which case the court will invoke the appropriate penalty (Petersilia 567). The word parole stems from French, meaning promise. Probably the term was first use in a correctional context in 1847, by Samuel G. Howe, the Boston penal reformer (Champion 163).Like probation, parole is a treatment program. But the parolee, remote the probationer, has served part of a term in a correctional institution. His release is conditional, contingent upon satisfactory behavior. He is under supervision and treatment by a person trained in parole work (Petersilia 563). Both approaches are less costly to administer than the prisons because full surveillance and provision of basic needs for life are not necessary and because human services in the community as those accessible to all residents can grow availa ble.To differing degrees, the two approaches contribute to preserving family ties, when such ties exist, and enable willing offenders to provide economic support for dependents (Tonry Punishment Policies 9). The riposte of convicted offenders to the community under supervision is authorized with approximately degree of official optimism that the selected individuals will undertake positive behavioral change either because of their self-correction or the influence of benign community forces (Geerken & Hayes 554).A green gauge of probation/parole effectiveness is recidivism of parolees and probationers (Allen 5). Some of them are returned to prison or changed to a different treatment program, depending upon whether they violate conditions of their probation/parole or commit impertinent crimes and are convicted of them. With the rapid growth of community corrections, a greater variety of treatment programs exist to accommodate clients needs. Thus, for instance, eligible parolees ma y be permitted to participate in work or educational release options. Other parolees may be allowed weekend visits with their families.Yet others may be placed in halfway houses where they can readjust to community living from the more highly regimented prison environment (Champion 169). Statistics shows that in the U. S. around 2,000 community correctional programs are functioning, and a bend of them are sponsored by the state. Many of the states probation and parole agencies currently experience an excessive caseload. For instance, in California and New York practically the caseload per one agency officer amounts to four hundred clients, although in countryside it is about 25 clients (Petersilia 574).This, unsurprisingly, leads to lowering efficacy of probation/parole programs. Thus, according to various estimations, just no more than 62% of parolees and probationers successfully accomplish their probation/parole period. Empirical studies butt that two thirds of them perpetrate new offences within the period of three years after their sentence completing (Allen 4). Moreover, those on probation/parole often commit grave crimes such as murders many are under court orders to undergo a course of medical treatment for their alcohol/ medicine addiction.About 300 thousand probationers are registered in the list of probation/parole agencies as absconders which means, actually, they are just hiding and ignore criminal justice system (Petersilia 571). Scholars exploring the topic of probation/parole effectiveness on the basis of empirical evidence often admit that parole surveillance has been shown to produce an unsatisfactory human kin without proven effect (Tonry Sentencing Matters 132). Thus, as they bespeak, parole revocation, influenced by bureaucratic considerations, is an unfair process.Parole assistance, impaired by its linkage with surveillance and revocation, may do more or less good, but there is little evidence to this effect (Champion 173). But beca use release, surveillance, and assistance are late encumbrances in a persons criminal history, parole can be only partially blamed or credited for outcomes principally the degree of recidivism that have a complex of causes (Roberts & Stalans 42). So, it is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of probation and parole by themselves. Nevertheless, any evaluation must begin by reviewing the goals of probation and parole.The first and most frequently cited of both are to protect society and to armed service the person committed offence as it was mentioned above. This means protecting society from crime and helping the probationer/parolee toward a crime-free life, in short, to reduce criminal behavior. No one could quarrel with this goal, but efforts to achieve it are based on the theories of incapacitation and rehabilitation, with their consequent difficulties and costs preventive incarceration of prisoners who might not return to crime and the errors, waste motion, and false hope s of treatment programs (Geerken & Hayes 551).It is evident, that the most effective community protection is that which results from change within the offender, so that he/she no lengthy wants to aggress against society. But statistics cited above confirms how difficult is to implement those theories into practice to achieve such inner transformation of ex-offender. In his tough and straight-out article George Allen, governor of Virginia, regards pretty high recidivism rates in the U. S. as a direct result of light sentencing policy and application of probation and parole programs (5).Surveys of public opinion demonstrate that majority in the society agree with such view. Thus, four out of five Americans acknowledge that they would be more likely to vote for a semipolitical candidate who advocated harsher sentencing (Roberts & Stalans 31). Allen argues that 3 out of every 4 violent crimes murder, armed robbery, rape, assault are committed by repeat offenders, that is why his a dministration abolished parole, open up the principle of truth-in-sentencing, and amplified by a factor of five the amount of time that violent criminals in fact stay in prison (4).Allen advocates that the only gross(a) crime-prevention method is incarceration, and argues that measures undertaken by his administration resulted in noticeable decline in all categories of recidivism in Virginia, which for the period of 10 years could prevent about 26 thousand violent offences and save more than $2. 7 billion indirect costs for the state (6).So, as our study revealed, the issue of effectiveness of probation/parole system and its assessment is a very complex one, especially controversial question being effectiveness of existing treatment programs within this system. Approximately two-thirds of all criminal offenders are recidivists. Parole boards are not perfect in their decision-making, and frequently, offenders are released short of serving their full sentences only to commit new cri mes within months of being paroled.Much uncertainty of purpose and practice in the decision-making of probation departments and parole boards, waste motion in supervision of probationers/parolees, injustice in methods of revoking parole, and inadequacy in the provision of community rehabilitative assistance are the issues to be resolved by policy makers in criminal justice system. Hence, advocates of harsher sentencing seem to have some rationality when they argue that violent offenders have to know that the state will not tolerate their crimes, and they will stay in jail for full sentence terms.They ascertain that would be the surer way to protect the citizens from communitys most dangerous members. But, at the same time, effectiveness of existing probation and parole treatment programs could be enhanced which would shake up positive results of them in lowering recidivism rates. The measures to improve probation/parole system could include provision of adequate funding (which allo w developing comprehensive community-based rehabilitation and intervention programs), ensuring effective management (e. g. educing caseload per probation/parole officer), and elaboration of reliable instruments for assessment of offenders risk and needs during decision-making on probation and parole releases.Finally, it seems that if community would be much more concern in helping ex-offenders to adjust to their life at liberty, they would be less willing to commit further crimes. If above-listed would be attained, probation/parole system would undertake the functions of assessment, diagnosis, monitoring, and flavor control of interventions while currently it plays the role of just alternative punishment.